• Removes surface dirt and old wax residue in just seconds. Conditions base for hot waxing.
  • Formula contains materials from plants. No need for sprays, chemical cleaners and no messy wax dripping!.
  • Family Friendly: Non-toxic formula best for all users, including children. This product helps to take care of your family skis or snowboards to maximize your time on the snow..
  • Dual Functionality: Wax fills in and conditions the base..
  • Imported from USA.
Use: Removes surface dust and old wax. Conditions the base for hot waxing. WinkWax PreWax & Cleaner Paste is a paste that can easily clean your skis or snowboards. Unique formula to remove old wax and dirt residue 'Maximize your time on the snow' - Quick and easy-to apply-on paste for cleaning skis/snowboards and replaces old wax. Family skiers, this is the right product for you and your family - With this product you can share your experience s with your families and children to clean and maintain your ski gears using this family friendly non-toxic formula. Conditions base for hot-waxing - Prepares the base for a better wax absorption. Fresh micro-particulate wax fills in base pores. Protect our environment - Derived from 100% bio-based, solvent-free non-toxic formulation. Application is simple and clean - Use a wipe or a paper towel and rub evenly over your skis or snowboards base and you're ready to go. Attention: This product is not a wax remover. 4 oz / 113 g