• Saves valuable stage space.
  • Saves time at set-up / tear-down.
  • Eliminate another boom stand.
  • Achieve a clean, shock-mounted kick drum signal.
  • No Drilling required for installation.
  • Imported from USA.
Eliminate the boom stand from in front of your kick drum with The Kelly SHU Composite kick drum microphone shock mount. The patented rubber isolation cord system utilizes the kick drum's pre-existing hardware as attachment points, there's no drilling required for installation. Eliminate the trip hazard of using a boom stand and reclaim your limited stage space while providing your favorite kick drum microphone with the isolated platform needed to give you its best performance. The Kelly SHU Composite main mounting unit is injection molded from 30% fiberglass reinforced nylon resins and provides firm and reliable support for most any kick drum microphone which is designed to fit on a conventional microphone stand. The system can be installed internally within the drum or externally on the front of the drum with complete instructions provided for either usage. The Kelly SHU Composite will clean up the sound of your kick drum by isolating the microphone from unwanted mechanical interferences AND save set-up and tear-down times as the mic can stay with the drum during transport. The fully adjustable system comes with 8 interior leather support loops for internal installations, 3 ft. of solid rubber support cord and 16 easy-on/easy-off support cord hook sets. The Kelly SHU Composite carries a 1-year limited warranty on the main mounting unit and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Available only in Black.