• Type: Pan.
  • Material: Cast Iron.
    Traditional Cookware. Go back to your roots, Get on to a healthy life style with Cast Iron Cookware. Practical Design. Every Product of ours has been designed for practical day to day use. We pay a lot of attention to its dimensions and weight. If it’s too light it would be easy to handle but then its heat retention would also be very less and food would get burnt soon. If it’s too heavy it would become difficult to handle and take longer to get heated initially. With all this in mind we strike the right balance in design and we call it Practical Design. Seasoning your Cast Iron. The biggest mind-blocker of using a Cast Iron cookware is seasoning it. That's why we have already seasoned it for you. This Product is ready to use. However it is quite natural that will need to re-season again it over time. To help you do it, we have Video Tutorials in our Website (URL available in User Manual) And more importantly, we never use any Chemicals in seasoning. It is 100% natural and done with Gingely Oil and that too it’s Organic Gingely Oil. Natural way to Increase your Iron Intake. Boost your Iron Intake, in every meal you make. It is no Secret that cooking in cast iron increases the iron content of the food. The Iron we have in our body and that protects us from anemia is the same iron that is in Iron Cookware, just that the % of iron in our body is extremely small and cooking in Cast Iron Cookware gives a constant healthy supply of iron to our body. Manufactured with Care. This Cast Iron Cookware is manufactured by Babu Engineering Foundry in Coimbatore, TamilNadu, India. A Cast Iron Foundry with over 35+ years of tradition and heritage. Type: Pan Material: Cast Iron Sales Package: pot pan Pack of: 1 Brand: Bhagya Cast Iron Model Name: Cookware Skillet Model Number: 4209784696423 Color: Black Capacity: 1.5 L Pan Type: Fry Induction Bottom: No Handle Features: Single sided - Long Handle Lid Included: No Non-stick: No Dishwasher Safe: No Other Features: No Chemicals used, Seasoned with Gingilly Oil, Non-Toxic Diameter: 25.4 cm Weight: 3000 g Warranty Summary: BHAGYA cast iron cookware have a warranty against any material or manufacturing defect, for 1 year from the date of purchase or delivery date. In the event of a problem, the user must contact the men?oned address and deliver the product at the address. Once the product has been received and the guarantee and defect have been con?rmed, a repair will be carried out or a new product or equivalent will be sent in exchange. Under the terms of this guarantee BHAGYA has no further obliga?ons other than to repair or replace a faulty product. Not Covered in Warranty: Warranty does not cover in case of using the product for commercial usage or damage arising from shocks, improper use, failure to follow the instruc?ons for use and maintenance, or as a result of any modi?ca?on or repair. It also does not include normal product wear and tear. Warranty Service Type: Contact Seller at

    Bhagya Cast Iron Cookware Skillet Fry Pan 25.4 cm diameter(Cast Iron)