• Step 3 of The Regimen. This intensely hydrating, non-comedogenic light feeling lotion eliminates dry skin and flakiness completely, while soothing acne-prone skin..
  • Big 16 ounce size will last for 2-4 months on The Regimen..
  • Goes on clear and absorbs quickly, leaving the skin feeling supple and balanced without leaving behind any residue. Fragrance-free and dye-free..
  • Contains an optimal dose of licochalcone, an ultra-calming licorice root extract which powerfully calms acne-prone skin..
  • Formulated by founder Dan Kern..
  • Imported from USA.
Step 3 of The Regimen ( in a generously sized 16 ounce bottle. Intensely hydrating, non-comedogenic lotion designed to eliminate dry, flaky skin. Goes on clear and absorbs quickly, leaving no residue. Super-light feel, fragrance-free and dye-free. This moisturizer was developed specifically for use with The Regimen but can also be used as a stand-alone moisturizer for all skin types. Contains licochalcone, a calming licorice root extract which powerfully soothes acne-prone skin. Tip: After dispensing Moisturizer into your palm, try mixing in a few drops (5-6) of Organic Jojoba Oil for extra moisturization.
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