• Quality life is not stressful, a good cup of water, a healthy, portable net kettle, a cup of good coffee, give the best of yourself.
  • Change your drinking style, the design is inspired by the birth process of spring water in nature. The high-quality water is born from this moment. The gravity filter flows naturally through the filtered filter material, and the high-quality water is filtered out. Pure drinking experience.
  • ABS material, filter replacement display - body replacement filter, finger pressure type water inlet - one button to open, automatic water outlet - automatic when pouring water, stylish and comfortable handle - ergonomic handle, comfortable grip.
  • The size of this net kettle is 26.8x24.5cm 10.5x9.6in, and the filter material is coconut shell activated carbon + non-woven fabric..
  • Inject cold water, soak the filter in the lake, gently shake to remove the bubbles, install the filter, and. The filter element is placed in the funnel card slot, water is poured into the filter kettle, the water filtered for the first time is poured out, and the third time, the filter water is cleared to be clearer, purer and more delicious..
  • Imported from USA.
We are a shop specializing in furniture decoration. If you have any questions, please email us! Do not place green plants around the filter kettle as much as possible, keep the air flowing, cool and backlit. Do not place it in direct sunlight or hot and humid places. It is best to drink the filtered water within 1 day. Soak it in clean, cool water for ten minutes, and shake it a few times to shake out the tiny toner. Rinse the filter water bottle with clean water, and place the filter element into the tank slot of the inner tank. Filter the two pots of water. Do not drink the first two pots of water. The third pot of water starts to drink. Product parameters material: plastic Size: 26.8x24.5cm 10.5x9.6in Precautions About size: manual measurement, there may be minor errors About the color difference: affected by the scene shooting, even if the same brand of electronic product shooting display will have a slight color difference, please prevail in kind