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  • Pattern - Dimension: 12.5" (32cm)x 4"(10cm)(H x W), Base Size - 4"(10cm)..
  • Material - Plastic plants and ceramic base; Non-toxic, do not affect the fish tank..
  • Vibrant colors - Invigorate aquarium decor with vibrantly-colored artificial plants, add a bold splash of color to brighten your aquarium landscape. Lifelike water plant ornament give you feelings of aquatic plants with water flowing..
  • Low maintenance - Unlike live plants, plastic artificial plants don't need specialized lighting and nutritious substrates. They won't die, grow too large, or become tattered and unattractive. They don't need any pruning, and will stay beautiful season after season..
  • Natural environment - Replicate the natural environment, once it's in the tank you can't even tell it's made of plastic. Your fish will enjoy the environment that these tall plants provide. They can swim and hide through the leaves..
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  • Imported from UK.
Colour Name:Green These Aquarium Plants are made of plastic and ceramic base, Non-toxic, free from rust and rot. It's a great way to provide shelter to your small fish and it also enhance the look of your aquarium. High quality Plastic plants and ceramic base; Non-toxic, free from rust and rot, do not affect the PH in the tank. Size Dimension - 12.5" x 4"(H x W), Base Size - 4" Easy To Install Rinse and soak the plant in warm water for 15-30 minutes, to relax the fabric and give them an even more realistic look. Place it into the aquarium, sinking the ceramic base into the gravel. Easy To Decorate To create visual depth in the aquarium, place taller plants in the back of the tank and shorter plants in the front. Mix styles and colors of plants to create an aquarium unlike any other. Easy To Clean Transfer plants from aquarium to a clean container, rinse in clean water, dry overnight, remove algae or deposits with a soft brush, made them look as good as new again. Never use soap or detergent when cleaning.

Large Aquarium Plants Artificial Plastic Fish Tank Plants Decoration Ornament Safe for All Fish 12.5(32cm) inch Tall 4(10cm) inch Wide