• Specifically formulated: Made using mild surfactants the wash gently cleans your cup while protecting the cup and your skin from residue or irritants..
  • Premium, healthy and safe formula: It won't damage the silicone of your cup and is great for your skin too!.
  • No strong chemicals: No harsh chemicals, no irritants, no parabens, just happiness!.
  • No Residue: The lightly foaming formula washes off very easily taking dirt and bacteria with it, leaving your cup clean and residue-free..
  • Fresh scent, fresh cup: Sirona Menstrual Cup Wash comes with the relaxing fragrance of the wild rose flower..
  • Imported from India.
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Sirona Menstrual Cup Wash - 100 ml with Rose Fragrance to Wash your Period Cup in a Hygienic Way