Angry Birds Air Swimmers Turbo - RED Flying Remote Control Balloon Toy

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Product Description

Bring Angry Birds to Life! Attack the bad piggies!

Zooms in any Direction

Easy to Assemble and Fly - Less than 5 minutes

New improved "Turbo" Design and Rechargeable Battery

Only official, authentic Rovio Angry Bird Air Swimmer product in USA - Buy Quality.

Using advanced, patented Air Swimmers technology, you can bring the magic of Angry Birds to life! Air Swimmers Turbo
glide through the air and fly over an hour on a single charge for long-lasting remote control indoor fun, even in the
smallest rooms. The convenient Auto Swim mode makes it easy for anyone to fly and with no limit on how many can fly at
once, all of your friends and family can fly too!
Angry Birds Air Swimmers Turbo need 4 AA batteries and helium (not included) to fly. Simply fill the balloon with
helium at any store that sells balloons or buy a small helium tank and fill it at home. The body is made from a high
quality, durable material that will stay inflated for weeks and can be refilled again and again.