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Donkey Kong Country Returns

Product Description

Dual control schemes including the Wi Remote/Nunchuk, as well as a sideways oriented Wii Remote

The game offers the traditional side-scrolling experience everyone loved, but also levels created in fully rendered 3D environments

New silhouetted level s add additional challenges as players work to time movements and attacks

For the first time ever, the franchise features the ability for two people to play together at the same time - one as Donkey Kong, one as Diddy Kong

Hidden items, puzzle pieces and other surprises are found all through the jungle; spell out K-O-N-G by the end of each level to earn an extra bonus

Imported from USA

After 14 years, Donkey Kong Country has returned with an all-new banana-hoarding adventure only on Wii!! Donkey Kong
makes his triumphant return by going back to his running and jumping roots in an all-new barrel-blasting, rail-riding
and ground-pounding adventure! The Donkey Kong Country series comes to life on Wii in lushly rendered environments that
will have you running left to right, hunting high and low and blasting front to back to scour eight worlds in search of
hidden coins, puzzle pieces, and Donkey Kong's stolen banana hoard. Diddy Kong joins the adventure with his own moves,
special combo abilities and a series-first two-player cooperative mode. When playing alone, Donkey Kong carries Diddy
Kong on his back, giving a jet powered boost to his jumps. In co-op play a second-player can also join on any level,
controlling Diddy Kong independently or riding on DK's back to power through stages together, allowing players of all
ages and skill levels to experience the fun of Donkey Kong Country Returns. The Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers put
the brute force of a great ape in the palms of your hands. Shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controller s to slap the
ground, stunning enemies, demolishing objects and activating explosive switches. A quick shake while running sends
Donkey Kong power rolling through lines of enemies. Add in skillful jumps, grabbing and throwing objects and clinging to
vines on walls and ceilings, and you'll be racing through stages like a true king of the jungle.


Inspired by earlier games in the Donkey Kong Country series, Donkey Kong Country Returns is a new take on a beloved
Nintendo franchise. The first Donkey Kong Country game developed for play for Wii, this new iteration blends familiar
actions, levels and characters with a whole new graphical treatment and feel, as well as new control schemes and play
options. Features include: a co-op play option allowing you to team up as Donkey Kong and Diddy, radically different
visuals ranging from nearly 3D treatment to others that appear in silhouette, two different controller schemes and more.

A New Country for Old Friends

Under the influence of a group of evil Tikis, the animals of Donkey Kong Island have raided Donkey Kong's banana hoard
and stolen his stash of bananas - and being an ape of large appetites he understandably wants them back. Good thing that
you are along for the ride. With Donkey Kong Country Returns, Retro Studios brings Donkey Kong back to a banana and
platforming hungry public in a new side-scrolling adventure with familiar characters and new levels that reignite the
passion players had for the Super NES original and all things Donkey Kong.

Join Donkey Kong and sidekick Diddy in a whole new side-scrolling adventure.
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Like earlier Donkey Kong Country games, Donkey Kong Country Returns is a side-scrolling platformer, but although the
game contains classic references, as well as levels and activities reminiscent of earlier games in the series, it is far
from a remake. In fact, Donkey Kong Country Returns stands very much on its own not only in its nearly 3D status, but
also in its new visual treatment and control scheme. The game features the familiar team of Donkey Kong and his little
buddy Diddy Kong. The goal is make your way across Donkey Kong Island collecting bananas and search for hidden items as
you swing on vines, ride mine carts and more as you avoid the variety of enemies and situations set against you. New
silhouette graphical treatment of both game heroes and enemies in certain levels also introduces new challenges, as
players must perform all actions from within an entirely new perspective. The game also features the players choice of
either the Wii Remote/Nunchuk controller configuration, or a sideways oriented Wii Remote. In addition to simple
navigation and jumping movements, the Wii Remote also allows for a variety of other actions, including: ground pounds,
rolls and even air blowing with simple, yet timed shaking of the remote.

In addition, the game also contains fun and user-friendly co-op functionality. In co-op mode players take on the role
of either Donkey Kong or Diddy. Both characters have abilities of their own, but work together. Beyond this the game
takes possibilities for cooperation even further, especially with players of different skill levels, as Diddy can if
need be simply rest on Donkey Kong's shoulder and let him do all the work at times. In the event of death, either
character can also be revived by the other by hitting a Donkey Kong barrel within the game. The game also continues the
series' use of additional animal friends such as Rambi the Rhino, who can serve as a battering ram and can be ridden in
certain areas of the game.

Key Game Features

* Retro Studios faithfully restores everything that made the original series great, from barrel cannons to mine carts,
and then builds on those elements with stunning graphics and new layers of depth to the world and game play. The game
offers the traditional side-scrolling experience everyone loved, but with levels created in fully rendered 3D
* Diddy Kong joins the quest. With his trusty backpack, he can produce a jet pack or Peanut Pop Guns to give Donkey Kong
more abilities.
* For the first time ever, the franchise features the ability for two people to play together at the same time - one as
Donkey Kong, one as Diddy Kong. Players can navigate the levels separately or as one unit. Diddy Kong can ride on Donkey
Kong's back and hop off whenever he pleases, allowing novice players to ride on Donkey Kong's back through more
challenging areas of the game.*
* Hidden items, puzzle pieces and other surprises are found all through the jungle. Spell out K-O-N-G by the end of each
level to earn an extra bonus.
* Motion controls give players a real feeling of control. Players move Donkey Kong using the Control Stick on the
Nunchuk controller and can shake the Wii Remote controller to make Donkey Kong slap the ground.
* Vibrant colors, beautiful graphics and fun characters draw players in. Even people who have never played a Donkey Kong
game before can pick up a controller and start collecting loads of bananas.
* Every level offers new fun and new challenges. Sometimes Donkey Kong is running through the jungle, sometimes his
action takes place on a tropical beach and other times he must become a master of timing as he jumps chasms in a mine

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* Additional accessories required and are sold separately.

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