• 3-pc set, 2x 12" flat & 1x 15" curved.
  • Extremely rugged and sturdy, drop forged steel, good for your heavy tires.
  • Black oxide and Zinc coated.
  • Ergonomically designed, the perfect shape for getting a good bite on the tire.
  • BeadBuster exclusive design.
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  • Imported from USA.
A BeadBuster and these 3 Tire Levers (aka Tire Irons) are all you need to easily and quickly change your tires. The unique curved shape of the large 15" lever makes removal easy with extra leverage, and the tire bead won't slip off of the end. The shorter lever are perfect for working your way around the tire, and also have a curved tip on one end. These are quality levers, extremely rugged and well balanced, and they are a BeadBuster exclusive design. From scooters to ATV's to large trucks and tractors, these will work on every kind of tire that you can use the BeadBuster on.