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  • NBA 2K13 is a simulation basketball video game set in the National Basketball Association. The fourteenth
    release in the franchise history, it has been the most popular NBA video game in recent years,
    and is the first to feature multiple players on the cover - Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder,
    Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers, and Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls. Additional features
    include: current and past NBA superstars, new mapping of player/character moves to the analog controller
    nub positions, dynamic shot generation, signature skills, a revamped passing system, and more.

    NBA 2K13 game logo
    Blake Griffin throwing down a dunk in NBA 2K13Prepare to throw down as you take the battle of the hardwoods to the next
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    Take the Battle of the Hardwoods to the Next Level

    NBA 2K13 represents all things basketball and takes the virtual battle of the hardwoods to the next level. Featuring
    an enhanced My Player mode and all-new gameplay features, NBA 2K13 lets gamers pit the best players in NBA history
    against the new dynasty of talent.

    Key Game Features

    * The Control Stick - For the first time ever, all dribble moves have been mapped to the PSP's analog nub, as well as
    shooting, passing, and post moves. String together devastating crossovers and clutch shots for maximum control and
    * Dynamic Shot Generator - Shots are now dynamically created on the fly, with all-new collision physics created in
    * Signature Skills - Each player has unique abilities that can alter the course of a game. Players are modeled to impact
    the game in their own unique way, from Derrick Rose as a "Floor General" to Kevin Durant being "The Closer." Learn to
    use each player's unique ability and change the game on your terms.
    * Revamped Passing System - Improved fast break passing gives players more control. Fire a bounce pass to a cutting
    teammate or go "Lob City" in transition.

    Additional Screenshots

    An old school Seattle Sonic throwing down a dunk against the Magic in NBA 2K13Utilize signature skills.
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    The original Dream Team suited up for action in NBA 2K13Historic downloadable content.
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    Backing Bill Cartwright in at the low post in NBA 2K13A revamped passing system.
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    Wilt Chamberlain scoring in front of the basket as a Laker in NBA 2K13Moves matched to the PSP's nub.
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