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PSPgo - Piano Black

Product Description

The ability to download games, movies, TV and other media directly from the PlayStation Network to your PSP Go.

16GB of built-in flash memory for file storage and removable memory expansion via memory stick.

Bluetooth support for skype headsets and other devices.

Slide out control design to maximize the ultra-crisp 3.8" LCD screen functionality.

No UMD design makes for a quieter, more energy efficient device.

Imported from USA

PSPgo - Piano Black


Introducing the smallest and mightiest PSP system yet. With the PSP Go users can download the best digital games and
movies directly to the 16GB built-in memory and use built-in Bluetooth support to connect a wireless headset to more
easily utilize Skype to talk with friends. But best of all, you can show off content via the new ultra-crisp 3.8-inch
LCD screen, maximized by the PSP Go's new slide out control design. Go versatile, Go digital, Go anywhere.

Black PSP Go, in hand and displaying the PlayStation Store ( ) Download friendly no UMD
drive design integrates with the PlayStation Store and is more quiet and energy-efficient.
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PSP Go logo

PSP Go features Key Features: * 16GB built-in memory.
* Bluetooth support.
* Slide out control design.
* Ultra-portable entertainment.
* All digital content - no UMD disks required.
* Download games and movies directly from the PlayStation Network.
* Ultra-crisp 3.8" LCD screen.
* Built-in microphone for Skype communication.
* Memory Stick Micro support for added memory.
psp Go features

Black PSP Go, with controls visible, playing a music track ( ) Slide out controls maximize
screen space.
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Lower, side view of the black PSP Go showing the headphone jack and cable port ( ) The smallest, most portable
PSP yet.
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The Most Portable and Powerful PSP Yet
The PSP Go, has all the functionality that older PSP hardware versions had, but includes many important and exciting
changes. Unlike previous versions whose primary means of playing media was via a built-in Universal Media Disc (UMD)
drive, the PSP Go does away with UMDs altogether and instead relies on a media solution combining download functionality
via Sony's PlayStation Network, larger onboard storage capacity and removable Memory Stick Duo support. This major
change allows for a slim design, quicker access files and a much more quiet, energy efficient gaming experience since
there are no longer any spinning UMDs. Other major changes include: Bluetooth support, allowing Internet Skype calls to
now be made using compatible headsets; and more importantly, a change to the control scheme. The PSP Go features
convenient slide out controls. Although these are consistent with historical PSP controls--featuring four directional
arrows, the four familiar Sony face buttons and a left-oriented analog thumbstick--their ability to be placed out of
view when not in use allows the PSP Go to maximize the use of its screen and your viewing pleasure.

A Full Entertainment System in Your Hands
The PSP was designed to handle all varieties of applications and entertainment -- music, video, communication, wireless
networking, and, of course, gaming. PSP Go users will enjoy topnotch 3D games with high-quality, full-motion video, and
high-fidelity audio. Its ultra-crisp 3.8-inch wide screen LCD display is bright and beautiful, and works well under many
different lighting conditions.

A Wealth of Games to Choose From
The PlayStation Portable gaming library is hundreds of titles strong and covers a wide variety of genres. The PSP Go is
compatible with all PSP formatted games and Sony has pledged to have all these available for download via the
PlayStation Network's PlayStation Store. Whether you are seeking the hard knocks of football or other sports games, the
strategy of a puzzle games, or the action and adventure of shooters and racers, there's sure to be many games in your
future with the PSP Go. Via the PlayStation Store users can also download an assortment of PS One games ported over to
the PSP format. The PSP Go is capable of graphics quality that is comparable to the PlayStation 2 console, but in a
pocket-sized package, so whatever your game is you can be assured of a quality experience.

Watch Movies and Videos on the Go
When you just want to sit back and enjoy a movie or video on a long plane trip, or anywhere else, the PSP Go has you
covered. It offers two options to do this: you can either transfer media ahead of time to a Memory Stick Duo, or using
the PSP Go's Wi-Fi functionality, your free membership to the PlayStation Network and access to a hotspot, you can
download movies, TV shows, game trailers and more directly to your PSP Go. If users prefer they can also download
content ahead of time to a PS3 or a Windows-based PC, via Media Go software, for faster transfer to their PSP Go, and
can also watch recorded television content downloaded to a Memory Stick Duo with the TiVo-To-Go service. (additional fee
and a TiVo Series2 connected to your home network also required).

Music and Other Functionality
With the ability to play MP3, WAV, WMA, ATRAC3+, and MP4 files, you can easily use your PSP Go as an audio player.
Simply place your music on a Memory Stick Duo, and you can navigate your collection using the PSP Go's XMB
(XrossMediaBar) to select your song to play.

Built-in Wi-Fi Allows for Internet Browsing, Online Gaming and More
With built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, you can access the Internet from any accessible hotspot. Once connected, you can surf
the Web, check e-mail and visit the PlayStation Store to download games, exclusive demos and game content and even
update your system and game software in seconds. The PSP Go is first and foremost a gaming device though. Ad hoc enabled
multiplayer games allow PSP players in close proximity to play together, but your PSP Go's Wi-Fi connection also allows
you to battle other gamers anywhere in the world over the Internet, in online infrastructure multiplayer games. Other
functionality available remotely via a broadband connection includes: Internet radio; LocationFree TV, allowing you to
view your home media setup from anywhere; RSS feeds; Remote Play, which gives you access to your PS3; and more.

What's in the Box
Black PSP Go system, AC power adapter and system documentation.

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