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Pokemon - Blue Version

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In Pokémon Blue, your mission is to collect all 150 Pokémon. To collect all 150, you'll need to train each captured
Pokémon. Once they evolve, each Pokémon gains power, which can be used to defeat and capture other Pokémon. Along the
way, several skilled trainers will challenge you to Pokémon duels. To win the game, you must defeat them all.

Keep in mind that some Pokémon are rare and won't be found in your game. To get all 150, trade Pokémon with your
friends using the Game Boy Link Cable, which allows the transfer of Pokémon between Game Paks.


Welcome to the world of Pokémon, one filled with wild Pokémon and the people who attempt to tame them. You
are Ash Ketchum, a boy on a quest to become the best Pokémon trainer in the world. Professor Oak, the leading authority
on Pokémon, has given you your choice of three tame Pokémon in exchange for your helping him catalog and document every
Pokémon in the world.

But to catalog a Pokémon, you have to capture it by first beating it up with one of your trained Pokémon, and then
hitting it with an empty Poké Ball. As your tame Pokémon gain experience in battle, their abilities improve and they
earn access to new attacks. Sometimes they even evolve into more advanced Pokémon.

Aside from capturing wild Pokémon and evolving your own, you can catalog new Pokémon by trading with another Pokémon
player using either a link cable or the Game Boy Color's infrared system. Pokémon gained through trades learn and evolve
faster, and trading is the only way to capture all 151 Pokémon, since each Pokémon game (Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue,
andPokémon Yellow) has certain Pokémon missing. Of course, as a Pokémon trainer, you've "gotta catch 'em all!"--150 to
be exact. So if you own Blue and want to have a complete set of Pokémon, you must find a friendly Red or Yellow owner
and arrange a trade.

Pokémon Blue is packed with interesting characters, an ingenious story hook, intriguing strategy, and of course plenty
of cute Pokemon and it's easy to see how it started the Pokémania that is sweeping the world. --Michael Fehlauer


* Gameplay and strategy that's fun for all ages
* Fantastic replay value
* Brilliant game design encourages players to meet and trade
Cons: * Hours of looking at the Game Boy's little screen may hurt neck
* Only 1 saved game per cartridge--2 people can't share a single game
* No difference between Red and Blue except for distribution of Pokémon


A unique mixture of Final Fantasy, Tamagotchi, and rock-paper-scissors gameplay with the collectible edge of
Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon is an excellent RPG for players of all experience levels. You lead a lone adventurer out
on his Pokemon journey, a quest to become the champion of the Pokemon League. Before our hero can even enter the Pokemon
League, he must win eight badges from the Pokemon gyms scattered around the world. Things are never quite that easy,
however, as you will come toe-to-toe with the evil Team Rocket, in addition to a number of other predicaments, on your
way to reach the gyms. An RPG at heart, you scour the globe for Pokemon and capture them with Pokeballs. Once caught,
Pokemon can then be added to your party and trained a la standard RPG characters. As they develop, the Pokemon will
become stronger and learn new abilities. Many will evolve into a different Pokemon once they reach a certain level or if
you use a special item on them. The game's variety and customization is virtually unlimited, making no two run-throughs
of the game the same. You can carry up to six Pokemon with you at a time. In battle, only one of the beasts may be
deployed, but monsters can be swapped at any time. The strategy lies in selecting the right types of Pokemon for each
battle - every Pokemon is classified as one of 15 different types of Pokemon, adding the rock-paper-scissors aspect:
Fire Pokemon are weak against water attacks, flying Pokemon are strong against bug Pokemon, etc. One of Pokemon's most
unique and endearing aspects is its multiplayer nature. Pokemon can be traded or battled with friends via the link
cable, adding tons of long-term play incentive. Additionally, those who buy only the Red or Blue versions of the game
can't capture all 150 Pokemon without trading - each cart contains 139 Pokemon. As extra incentives, some Pokemon don't
evolve unless traded, and traded Pokemon gain experience 50 percent faster than normal. Under its cuddly exterior,
Pokemon is a serious and unique RPG with lots of depth and excellent multiplayer extensions. As an RPG, the game is
accessible enough for newcomers to the genre to enjoy, but it will entertain hard-core fans as well. It's easily one of
the best Game Boy games to date. --Peter Bartholow
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This strategy/role-playing game involves an intricate story line that unfolds as players find, collect, train and then
battle over 150 different types of Pokemon creatures as they work towards becoming the world's greatest Pokemon trainer.
This was the video game that started the worldwide Pokemon phenomenon, which has spun off into a top-rated animated TV
series, motion picture, books, toys and countless other products. The game involves battling the many different Pokemon
creatures, but they never die or stay injured. Instead, they become weak and faint, only to be revived to perfect health
minutes later. The game involves no blood, guts or gore. It does encourage thinking. Pokemon offers a collectibility
element young people enjoy. (Jason R. Rich, Parents' Choice®). -- From Parents' Choice® (
/exec/obidos/subst/partners/marketing/parents-choice.html )

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