• Princess Isabella - A Witches Curse Upon returning home, the Princess finds her castle is cursed. Every room in the castle is cursed and the people in it turned into mirrors. Help the princess undo the curse!.
  • Empress of the Deep - The Darkest Secret Use you hidden object and puzzle solving skills to help Anna unlock Royal Relics and reveal the secrets of the Empress of the Deep..
  • Escape the Museum 2 - Excellent sequel to Escape the Museum which sold over 230,000 units at Walmart in JC as a single title. Help David reach his wife and daughter trapped in the museum after a devastating earthquake..
  • The Mirror Mysteries - A young mothers children are trapped in a haunted house. Help her discover the many worlds within the houses mirrors and bring the children home to safety..
  • Imported from USA.
A collection of 4 truly great games including: Princess Isabella - A Witches Curse, Empress of the Deep - The Darkest Secret, Escape the Museum 2 and The Mirror Mysteries.