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How they Work ------------- Add a new level of dimension to your characters with the DISNEY INFINITY Power Disc. Power Disc functionality varies between the console versions and Nintendo 3DS. PlayStation3, Xbox360, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo Wii U ------------------------------------------------------- DISNEY INFINITY Power Discs can be used to improve and enhance the gameplaying experience in a multitude of ways. For the PlayStation3, Xbox360, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo Wii U, Circular Power Discs are used to grant your character special power ups that can be used in Play Sets and in the Toy Box. Hexagonal Power Discs unlock special gadgets, vehicles, and themes to allow for even more personalization in the Toy Box. Different combinations mean different results, with a multitude of playing experiences. Nintendo 3DS ------------ DISNEY INFINITY Power Discs will have different effects on gameplay. Circular Power Discs can be used to help increase your team stats and abilities in mini-games. Hexagonal Power Discs will unlock a wide range of exclusive toys in the store, such as new equipment for use in mini-games or unique Disney themed dice that can be equipped on the game boards