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    Product description ------------------- This cartridge is brand new. Game comes in a clear plastic game case. No Original box or manual. .com ---- In Metal Slug: First Mission, the gamer is a member of an elite special forces squadron known as the Peregrine Falcons, and is sent to enemy territory to stop the coup-plotting Colonel Bildegaarn. You have three basic strategies to beat the enemies in this side-scrolling shootout: jump, fire, or evade. An added variation is that you can journey on foot, in a plane, or in a tank. Since your supplies are limited, you'll have to pick up time, life, and ammo from the men you take out. The eight-position joystick makes it possible to aim your gun all over the screen. It seems very easy at first, but the difficulty climbs as you make your way past each checkpoint. As your Metal Slug skills grow, you can choose to play at easy, normal, hard, and very hard levels. Each mission ends with a boss section, which is sure to challenge seasoned gamers. The parachute levels were the most challenging, while the pride marches added a nice touch that fit the armed forces theme of the game. --Carrie Bell Pros: * One of the more male-oriented NEOGEO games * Inspiring Army-like glory marches and music * Lots of chances to redo harder levels after dying Cons: * Strong male-centered game theme