• PROFESSIONAL GRADE, made fully from hardened 4140 chrome-moly steel and Grade-8 hardware.
  • Portable and lightweight, small enough to take on the trail..
  • Easy to use with simple hand tools, 1 person operation..
  • Does not require mounting, works on all sizes, including reinforced rims..
  • Padded clamp will not dent or scratch rims..
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  • Imported from USA.
The BeadBuster XB-454 PRO is a small but powerful tool for breaking loose tire beads from rims. It is especially well suited for ATV/UTV wheels which have safety rims, but it also does a great job on on motorcycle (street & dirt), car, off-road truck, scooter, Go-Kart, lawnmower, golf cart, light aircraft and small farm equipment tires. It has all of the benefits of the original, XB-450, but it is made of ultra high strength 4140 (chrome-moly) alloy steel, and is heat treated and hardened to over RC50...this tool is (nearly) indestructible. It is perfectly suited for the professional mechanic or race team. It includes a removable clamp arm that allows it to be used with ATV's with reinforced rims, as well as a standard clamp arm as well for use on all non-reinforced wheels, its like 2 tools in 1. Also included is an extra set of hardware, just in case. It does not require mounting and can be operated with hand tools, it is small and light enough to take on the trail for emergency tire changes. The BeadBuster applies a reaction force directly against the lip of the rim and won’t bend lightweight aluminum rims from high compressive forces. It has a padded clamp and will NOT SCRATCH your rims. The BeadBuster XB-454 PRO is ruggedly designed, built entirely from 4140 steel (hardened and tempered) with solid welds, uses Grade-8 yellow-zinc-plated screws, and is proudly MADE IN USA! Most importantly, the BeadBuster is effective at removing stubborn tire beads. It is much safer and easier to use than any other bead breakers on the market. The BeadBuster was designed for use on the most common Diameters of ATV/UTV Rims: 9" and larger. Use on smaller rims (7" and 8") may cause damage to the ram foot, however, the tool can be effectively used on these smaller rims with a 1/8" spacer and/or careful operation. Damage to the tool as a result of use on these smaller rims voids the warranty.