• Locking the Snap-Zip baffle in place gives our hydration reservoir /bladder a slim profile and sits flatter against the back.
  • BPA Free.
  • The complete hydration system includes our Straight Shot Plug-N-Play, 36-inch Hydraflex tube, Elite Surge Valve, and Elite Quantum clip.
  • Reversible and the easiest to clean on the market..
  • 70 oz. (2 Liter): 6 ¾” x 12 ¼”.
  • Imported from USA.
Hydrapak SHAPE SHIFT 70 oz (2L) Reversible Hydration Bladder Reservoir. The Shape-Shift reservoir, with revolutionary Snap Zip Baffle, allows users to zip up for shape control or unzip for increased volume; increasing the versatility of their favorite hydration pack…be it a Hydrapak or any other brand on the market. When closed, the baffle flattens and controls the shape, making it easier to slide in and out of your backpack and disperses the weight for a better ride. This eliminates the “sausage” or “scuba tank” feel, and enhances the backpack’s ventilation features. Users looking to increase their volume capacity, simply unzip the baffle and fill up. Because the baffle separates, the reservoir is still reversible and the easiest to clean on the market. Features Include: Straight Shot Plug-N-Play (PNP)- The Vertical exit spout and in-line connection provide a natural path with less chance of tube kinking. It is also compatible with standard inserts used by filtration companies and Camelbak®; allowing users to build the best hydration system for their needs. Hydraflex Tubing- Softer material and a more narrow tube allow it to be more flexible and kink-resistant yet still retains the high flow rate of our Big Bore tubing. Quantum Clip- Introduced last year, this handy magnetic clip-set attaches to you tube and backpack webbing to keep your tube in check when in use. Superslider- Stronger, easier to grip, and with a built in handle for easy attachment. Logo- The Laser-Cut and Welded logo eliminates screen printing during our manufacturing and helps us become cleaner. Another category first by Hydrapak. Hydrapak Shape-Shift, Reservoirs and other after market components are the perfect way to upgrade any hydration or “Hydration Compatible” pack. The components, including drink tubes, bite-valves, connectors, are now compatible with most major brands, including Camelbak®.