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Kitchen And Dining > Product: 198200

Flexible Flyer Snowball Maker, colors may vary

Product Description

Lightweight snowball maker for quick snow compacting

Makes perfectly round snowball in roughly one second

Ideal for preparing snowballs before a big showdown

Includes molded handle for easy, comfortable use

Measures 15 inches long; for ages 4 and older

Imported from USA




Product Description

Makes snowball quick and easy. Every snowball is soft and round, great for throwing. No cold hands. Colors
May Vary Red, Yellow, Blue or Green


Flexible Flyer Snowball Maker

There's an art to making the perfect snowball: it has to be compact enough to travel far, and aerodynamic enough to
throw accurately. Enter the Flexible Flyer snowball maker, which makes it easy to shape the ideal snowball every time.
Designed to make a precisely round snowball in roughly a second, it's perfect for on-the-fly snowball fights or for kids
who want to prepare an arsenal before the big showdown begins. The snowball maker--which includes a molded handle for
easy use--measures 15 inches long and 4 inches tall when closed. It's recommended for ages 4 and older.