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Rocket Boys (The Coalwood Series #1)

Product Description


Imported from USA

Inspired by Werner von Braun and his Cape Canaveral team, 14-year-old Homer Hickam decided in 1957 to build his own
rockets. They were his ticket out of Coalwood, West Virginia, a mining town that everyone knew was dying--everyone
except Sonny's father, the mine superintendent and a company man so dedicated that his family rarely saw him. Hickam's
smart, iconoclastic mother wanted her son to become something more than a miner and, along with a female science
teacher, encouraged the efforts of his grandiosely named Big Creek Missile Agency. He grew up to be a NASA engineer and
his memoir of the bumpy ride toward a gold medal at the National Science Fair in 1960--an unprecedented honor for a
miner's kid--is rich in humor as well as warm sentiment. Hickam vividly evokes a world of close communal ties in which a
storekeeper who sold him saltpeter warned, "Listen, rocket boy. This stuff can blow you to kingdom come." Hickam is
candid about the deep disagreements and tensions in his parents' marriage, even as he movingly depicts their quiet
loyalty to each other. The portrait of his ultimately successful campaign to win his aloof father's respect is equally
affecting. --Wendy Smith