• A unique deck of question cards created for the occasion of a sixtieth birthday.
  • 70 printed cards with 140+ questions about the big six zero !!.
  • 60th birthday gift wrapping paper included (folded) so you can wrap up a 60th gift that looks great!.
  • Ideal as a small side 60th birthday gift or ice-breaker type activity. This is the newly released 2017 edition..
  • Play the game as intended or alternatively, scatter the cards around a party as conversation starters..
  • Imported from USA.
The 60th Birthday Game is a new game all about sixty. It is accompanied by a complimentary sheet of gift wrapping paper that is covered in 60s - so it's easy for you to wrap this great little 60th birthday game into 60th birthday gift that looks great! The 60th Birthday Game is a pack of 70 trivia cards containing over 140 questions. The questions cover a range of funny, intriguing, strange and awesome things about being sixty. This game makes a good novelty gift and also works well as a quick 60th birthday party game. Please be aware that this is a British quality product that ships from London, England. It may take 3 weeks to reach you so be sure to order early !