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  • Not Your Average “Green” Drink: Conscious meets clinical in this superfood blend that transcends the rest. Our mystic mix of echinacea, rhodiola, milk thistle, probiotics, and mushrooms help support a healthy immune system, harmonious gut health, whole-body detoxification, and clean energy. A little goes a long way in this potent, concentrated blend featuring ingredients at clinical dosages..
  • Potent Mushroom Blend: Featuring lion’s mane, reishi and turkey tail mushroom, Beyond Greens provides powerful ingredients designed to help give your immune system the boost it needs.*.
  • Powerful Probiotics: Bacillus coagulans is often found in the famous Japanese health food, natto. With a pair of beneficial prebiotics, you can enjoy a healthier microbiome, which has been linked to improvements in energy levels and immune system health.*.
  • Echinacea, Rhodiola & Milk Thistle: This trio helps complete the synergistic Beyond Greens formula. With potential detoxifying effects, it’s also why Beyond Greens can help you reduce fatigue and stress while improving concentration.*.
  • Energizing Matcha Flavor: The matcha powder in Beyond Greens goes down easy, providing you with a tasty way to get the focus and pep you’re looking for.*.
  • Imported from USA.
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Beyond Greens Concentrated Superfood Powder - Matcha Flavor w/ Mushrooms, Probiotics, Echinacea for Immune System Boost, Gut Health, Detox, Energy | by LiveWell - 30 Servings