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    Review ------ "Nic Sheff's wrenching tale is told with electrifying honesty and insight." (Armistead Maupin, author of The Night Listener and Michael Tolliver Lives) "Difficult to read and impossible to put down." (Chicago Tribune) "Tweak is...Bukowski and Burroughs, the heart to his dad's head—and the kid can write." (Seattle Weekly) "An unflinching chronicle of life as an addict." (U.S. News & World Report) "Full of jaw-tightening and occasionally grisly scenes of shooting up, deals gone bad, guns and sex, Sheff’s story takes off like a shot in the arm with a terse, honest and spontaneous narrative." (Kirkus Reviews) Review of Tweak and Beautiful Boy: "Both takes on this story are riveting, brilliantly written, thoughtful, searingly honest and equally essential. They should be mandatory reading for every teenager and every parent of one." (London Daily Mail) "The trajectory of drug addiction is nothing new, but Sheff's lucid, simple prose makes the heartbreaking journey seem fresh." (San Francisco Chronicle) “A raw and sad account, vivid in its depiction of the pleasures and tunnel vision of addiction and the challenges of sobriety.” (BCCB) "Raw, powerful, and honest." (The Bookseller) Read more ( javascript:void(0) ) About the Author ---------------- Nic Sheff is the author of two memoirs about his struggles with addiction: the New York Times bestselling Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines and We All Fall Down: Living with Addiction. Nic lives in Los Angeles, California where he writes for film and television. Read more ( javascript:void(0) )