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The Baltimore Waltz and Other Plays

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In this remarkable 1992 play, a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, author Paula Vogel goes inside the soul of her central
character, a woman caring for a brother who has AIDS. Exhausted, the woman sleeps and dreams that she is the one with
the incurable disease, and she's dragging her healthy brother along on one last grand tour of Europe to see all the
wonderful things she'd always longed to see--and to find a mysterious doctor who may have the cure for her illness. Many
scenes have the peculiar logic and sidestepping transitions of a dream. The reader's imagination is called upon to
supply sets and costumes for the many strange and wonderful locales of the play. Vogel supplies the empathy and
heartbreaking love that only a sister can have for a precious baby brother who is slipping away between her helpless
fingers. Also in this collection are four early Vogel works: Hot 'N' Throbbin, And Baby Makes Seven, The Oldest
Profession, and Desdemona.