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In the second Boystown collection, Chicago private investigator Nick Nowak finds himself involved with a young man who
murdered his stepfather but refuses to assist in his own defense. He's hired to find the murderer of a dead porno star,
and, in a case that traps him between the two men he loves, searching for a serial killer's only living victim. Set in
the second half of 1981, Nick's stories see him juggling his deepening relationship with Detective Bert Harker against
the return of his ex, Daniel Laverty. Which man will he choose? And will he be able to make any sort of choice at all?
Stories include Little Boy Silent, Little Boy Blond and Little Boy Loved. Marshall Thornton is an award-winning author,
playwright and screenwriter living in Long Beach, California. Author of the Boystown detective series, he holds an MFA
in screenwriting from UCLA. While there he received the Carl David Memorial Fellowship and was recognized in the Samuel
Goldwyn Writing awards.