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Product: 219728

GURPS Horror 4th Edition (GURPS: Generic Universal Role Playing System)

Product Description

Completely updated for Fourth Edition, and expanded with a wide variety of contemporary influences.

A closetful of monsters- evil clowns, werewolves, undead, Things Man Was Not Meant To Know- with stats and point values.

Two original campaign frames to get things started: Seas of Dread and Blood in the Craters.

GURPS Fourth Edition keeps all the detail of previous editions and adds new options, yet is smoother and easier to run.

Learn just one system and get on with the game. Everything works with everything else!

Imported from USA

What’s that behind you? The new revision of GURPS Horror is an exciting approach to any kind of adventure: old-fashioned
Gothic horror; classic supernatural horror; Lovecraftian cosmic horror; and modernday J-horror, survival horror, torture
horror, and splatter. Horror offers the Game Master spooky monsters and powers; rules for corruption, fear, and madness;
and tricks for running scary-butfun adventures. Players can create and equip all kinds of heroes, from screaming victims
to fearless monster-slayers. And everyone gets tips on cooperating to tell a memorable story – even if the characters
don’t make it. Whether you’re playing a one-shot zombie battle or a full-scale campaign against Things Man Was Not Meant
To Know . . . GURPS Horror can jolt your game to unnatural life.