• INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE FIT - No holes ratchet belt means you can precisely adjust your belt to the perfect fit..
  • SIMPLE TO USE - Our easy to use buckle makes adjusting your belt effortless and it can be easily interchanged with our straps..
  • CUSTOM SIZES - Say farewell to "in-between" sizes. Quickly and easily trim down the strap to your exact waist size..
  • STYLISH GENUINE LEATHER - Our distinctive buckle and our high quality genuine leather provide the finishing touch to your outfit..
  • SIZING - Each belt fits up to a 48" waist. Leather straps are 1-1/4" wide. Buckles are 1-5/8" wide x 3-1/2" long..
  • Imported from USA.

What is a SlideBelts brand ratchet belt? It's a leather belt that
lets you freely adjust your belt size without the limitation of
holes in the leather. In fact, there are no holes at all! A tab
in the buckle catches on a row of notches sewn onto the underside
of the leather, allowing for over 30 size options with 1/4" (6.35
mm) between adjustments. All SlideBelts come with a belt strap
that can be trimmed to your exact waist size. The full length of
one of our straps fits a 48" (122 cm) waist size. All buckles are
completely removable and interchangeable with compatible
SlideBelts products. Try SlideBelts out and see why there's no
reason to poke holes in a perfectly good piece of leather.