Men's Dress Vest & NeckTie Solid PURPLE INDIGO Color Neck Tie Set for Suit Tux

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Product Description

Matching Vest & Neck Tie Set

Great to wear with a suit or tuxedo

Brand New Vesuvio Napoli Brand Designed in Italy Vest and NeckTie Set. Men's Solid Color Dress Vest with Neck Tie of the
Same Color and Made From The Same Material For a Perfect Match. This vest is Available in our listings in the following
sizes: XS (Chest Size 36), S (Chest Size 38), M (Chest Size 40), L (Chest 42) , XL (Chest 44), 2XL (Chest 47), 3XL
(Chest Size 50), and 4XL (Chest 53). Please Checkout Our Other Listings For More Colors and Sizes of Dress Vests and
Neckties, Shirts and Neckties.