Performance Automotive Engine Math (Sa Design-Pro)

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"Author Baechtel's experience and writing capabilities shine in Performance Automotive Engine Math, and
this book will surely be a strong addition to any high-performance library." (Tomorrow's Technician 2011-08-01)

"An invaluable reference guide for amateurs and professional alike." (Steve Hole TotalKitCar Mag 2011-09-01)

"A must for any automotive enthusiast's library!" (Midwest Book Review 2011-10-01)

"This book is so good I am buying a copy for my own library." (Engine Professional 2012-04-01)

Gold Medallion winner for Book Writing: Technical/Reference. -International Automotive Media Awards, 2011 (2011 IAMA
Award Winner 2012-07-01)

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From the Back Cover

High-performance racing engines differ from their street-based counterparts in many ways, but what specific
internal design differences separate them? One answer lies in the math used to develop the best-possible performing
powerplants for racing use. When engineered for maximum effectiveness and durability at high power levels and extreme
RPM, performance engines of all types need to be built as a complete system. The sizes, clearances, and capabilities of
these intricate machines are not chosen by chance, but rather through the use of proven formulas. In this book you’ll
find these formulas and the logic behind them. Everything from figuring out the engine’s true displacement and
compression ratio to determining the best-possible port size and camshaft dimensions are included. Whether you’re a
seasoned professional or a curious amateur, Performance Automotive Engine Math is a valuable learning guide and
reference tool. Determining the best way to achieve high volumetric efficiency is the goal of all performance
enthusiasts, and this book shows you exactly how to accomplish this, by the numbers.

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