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The Dog Poop Initiative

Product Description

Great product!

Imported from USA

This book was inspired by an event that took place in the summer of my life as a soccer coach and dad. My family and I
showed up to the soccer field where my five-year-old son was going to play, and as the two previous teams finished up.
As our boys gathered, some helpful parents from the already playing teams pointed out a large pile of Dog Poop on the
field, and warned us to point it out to our boys. A few moments later, the coaches of the departing teams also pointed
out the poop, and gave us the same admonition. Next came the referees assigned to the field for the evening, who told us
the same thing!

After this third warning, my son’s other coach and I looked at each other and, without saying a word, turned and went to
separate trash cans on the field in search of something we could use to scoop up the poop. We found a large piece of
cardboard, and had it cleaned off the field in less than a minute.

I still remember some of the dumbfounded and bewildered expressions of the "Adults" who had so helpfully pointed it out
– but who, apparently, had never considered actually cleaning it up! As I viewed all the parents that lined the field,
and pondered all the parents and coaches who had been there throughout the day – each one dutifully and diligently
passing along the "Poop Warning" – I marveled that NONE had taken the initiative to clean it UP! What an opportunity to
teach, by example, the important principles of service, teamwork, selflessness, and INITIATIVE. In my mind’s eye I could
envision each of these adults ten to fifteen years in the future, lamenting how their own teenagers don’t take
initiative nor even understand what it is! Sadly, I would guess that even then, it will not occur to these "pointing
parents" that a large portion of what their teenagers don’t do is a direct result of never having seen their parents do
it. My rough calculations put the estimate at a potential 220 plus Adult Poop Pointers – and only 2 Poop Scoopers! With
the Initiative Bar so low, those of us who are willing to take it end up looking like high jumpers. But what an
opportunity to show our children how they, too, can effect change by taking initiative!

As I relayed this story to colleagues and friends, I found that a tremendous amount of people are just as upset, or more
so, as I am with the lack of initiative in society. The ever-growing mindset of "It’s not my job," or "Someone else will
do it," plays itself out all too often in myriads of ways that impact each of us on a daily basis. The response to the
story was so strong that I included it in my next few speaking engagements. Some people even told of using the story in
staff meetings. All that led to final publication of The Dog Poop Initiative. I hope you enjoy it!