Sexual Fluidity: Understanding Women's Love and Desire

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Is love “blind” when it comes to gender? For women, it just might be. This unsettling and original book offers a radical
new understanding of the context-dependent nature of female sexuality. Lisa M. Diamond argues that for some women, love
and desire are not rigidly heterosexual or homosexual but fluid, changing as women move through the stages of life,
various social groups, and, most important, different love relationships. This perspective clashes with traditional
views of sexual orientation as a stable and fixed trait. But that view is based on research conducted almost entirely on
men. Diamond is the first to study a large group of women over time. She has tracked one hundred women for more than ten
years as they have emerged from adolescence into adulthood. She summarizes their experiences and reviews research
ranging from the psychology of love to the biology of sex differences. Sexual Fluidity offers moving first-person
accounts of women falling in and out of love with men or women at different times in their lives. For some, gender
becomes irrelevant: “I fall in love with the person, not the gender,” say some respondents. Sexual Fluidity offers a new
understanding of women’s sexuality―and of the central importance of love.