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    Review ------ "A beautiful book" - The Fairy Tale Site "Awesome book, chock full of mythological lore." - Starpulse "It is a perfect companion to the weekly series and would make a wonderful gift for the upcoming holidays." - Examiner “It’s beautifully presented and... gives a genuine illusion of age; there are even ‘rips’ and ‘claw-marks’ that show the next page through them, just as if the book itself were torn... this book is a great accompaniment, one that’s been created with care and affection.” - Starburst "For any Grimmster, I think this book is a must have!" - TV Equals "It’s a fun companion for diehard fans of the series." - "A must-have for any true Grimm fan!" - Fresh From The "A gorgeous book" - Bloody Disgusting "Does a great job of explaining the Wesen and their histories." - Atomic Moo "A wonderful slice of TV history." - Ain’t It Cool "More than just a TV companion book" - FEARnet Read more ( javascript:void(0) )