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Star Trek The Next Generation: Technical Manual

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The Star Trek: The Next Generation® Technical Manual, written by Rick Sternbach and Michael Okuda, the
technical advisors to Star Trek: The Next Generation, provides a comprehensive schematization of a Galaxy-class
starship. From the bridge to the shuttlebays, from the transporter room to crews' quarters, this book provides a
never-before-seen glimpse at the inner, intricate workings of the most incredible starship ever conceived.

Full of diagrams, technical schematics, and ship's plans, the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual also takes
a detailed look at the principles behind Star Trek®'s awesome technology -- from phasers to warp drive to the incredible

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About the Author

Rich Sternbach is a Hugo and Emmy Award-winning visual artist with extensive film and television
experience. Famous for his work on Star Trek, he has been responsible for a number of starship designs. He co-wrote the
Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual and the Deep Space Nine Technical Manual.

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