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Book of Revelation, Paperback

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This dramatically colored and concrete visual presentation of the final book of the canonical New Testament
is accompanied by text that has been translated from the original Greek. Little interpretation is offered; the images
illustrate the visual descriptions the colorful text itself is famous for offering. Pages have a black background,
usually with three to five panels that are highlighted in red, yellow, or dramatic shading. The garb appears to be dated
from the first century, as do any living accoutrements like pottery, bricked passageways, and so on. More than a graphic
novel that integrates words and pictures in a narrative sequence, this is nearly an illustrated text that presents a
straightforward representation of what the words indicate in discrete images. Still, the full traumatic and ecstatic
content of the original text is highlighted by the striking, colorful imagery. For collections where there’s interest in
both graphic texts and religious interpretation. --Francisca Goldsmith

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"Visual tour de force...vivid depiction that strikes the perfect, tasteful tone...a page
turner...spectacular art."
-Publishers Weekly (11-26-12)

"No adaptation that I know has captured the scope, the terror, or the glory of the Apocalypse more completely than "The
Book of Revelation," a graphic novel adapted by Matt Dorff and illustrated by Chris Koelle."

"To Bible fans I say read it for the beautiful translation of Scripture and stay for the stunning art. To graphic novel
fans I say open it for mind blowing visuals and let the poetry sweep you away."
-Therefore I Geek

The book of Revelation
***** (5 stars)

"...the illustrations are extremely detailed, intense and at times very brave. It's refreshing to see an artist depict
the devil and the darker elements of Revelation in their full horrific and grotesque nature...a fair few of the pieces
of art are not for the faint-hearted...Chris Koelle is an exceptional artist and as Christian comic books go, this is a
bold step forward in the right direction. When reading this, you actually forget that you know this story and that it is

-Youthwork Magazine (U.K.)

"The translators have attained here a readability that invites comparison with literary levels of the finest literature.
At the same time, they have employed contemporary idioms so that the text bears a fresh and, at times, stunning
'newness.' The Book of Revelation is exciting again."-Randall Balmer (from his Preface for the text translation edition
of "Apocalypse: The Book of Revelation")

"The only less-than-literal license taken by the creative team is the frequent view of John reacting to what he must
witness, both its glory and its horror. As the closest thing readers have to a relatable common man, even one as
extraordinary as the biblical revelator, John provides a vital touchstone for a visceral experience of Revelation's
prophecy. What the adaptation sacrifices in interpretive nuance or comic book purity, it makes up for in raw impact. For
the first time in centuries, audiences can feel the awesomeness of John's vision of a world to end and one to come."
-A. David Lewis

"Dorff and Koelle have produced one of the first solid Bible-based graphic novels that can stand on its own two feet and
command the respect of fans of the medium. What's always been a visual story has finally been done right."
-The Phantom Tollbooth

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