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You Must Remember This: Life and Style in Hollywood's Golden Age

Product Description

Imported from USA

The legendary actor and bestselling author of Pieces of My Heart offers a nostalgic look at Hollywood’s golden age

For millions of movie lovers, no era in the history of Hollywood is more beloved than the period from the 1930s through
the 1950s, the golden age of the studio system. Not only did it produce many of the greatest films of the American
cinema, but it was then that Hollywood itself became firmly established as the nation’s ultimate symbol of glamour and
style, its stars almost godlike figures whose dazzling lives were chronicled in countless features in magzazines like
Photoplay and Modern Screen.

While these features were a standard part of the work of studio publicity departments, they told eager readers little
about what life was really like for these celebrities once they stepped out of the public eye. No one is better
qualified to tell that story than Robert Wagner, whose own career has spanned more than five decades and whose New York
Times bestseller, Pieces of My Heart, was one of the most successful Hollywood memoirs in recent years. You Must
Remember This is Wagner’s intimate ode to a bygone time, one of magnificent homes, luxurious hotels, opulent night-clubs
and restaurants, and unforgettable parties that were all part of the Hollywood social scene at its peak.

From a dinner party at Clifton Webb’s at which Judy Garland sang Gershwin at the piano to golf games with Fred Astaire,
from Jimmy Cagney’s humble farmhouse in Coldwater Canyon to the magnificent beach mansion built by William Randolph
Hearst for Marion Davies, from famous restaurants like the Brown Derby and Romanoff’s to nightspots like the Trocadero
and the Mocambo, Wagner shares his affectionate memories and anec¬dotes about the places and personalities that have all
become part of Hollywood legend.

As poignant as it is revealing, You Must Remember This is Wagner’s account of Hollywood as he saw it, far from the
lights and cameras and gossip columns—and a tender farewell to the people of a mythical place long since transformed,
and to a golden age long since passed.