• Imported from USA.

    World Radio TV Handbook is now in its 68th year. It is the most
    accurate and complete guide to the world of radio on LW, MW, SW
    and FM, available in any form. The full-color Features section
    contains reviews of receivers and ancillary equipment, articles
    on topical issues such as digital radio, interviews with
    broadcasters, reception conditions, color maps showing the
    location of SW transmitters, and other topics of interest to
    Listeners and DXers. [PARA] The National and International Radio
    sections provide listings by country of all stations broadcasting
    on LW, MW and SW, and most stations broadcasting on FM, together
    with contact details. The International section contains full
    schedules as supplied by the broadcasters and confirmed by
    monitoring, together with any LW or MW frequencies used. It also
    contains a sub-section showing Clandestine and Other Target
    Broadcasters arranged by target country. [PARA] In addition the
    book contain Frequency Lists, Terrestrial Television stations and
    a full Reference section with tables and listings of:
    International and Domestic Transmitter sites, Standard Time and
    Frequency Transmissions, DX Club information, International
    Organisations, and other essential information.