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Europe Between the Oceans: 9000 BC-AD 1000

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In this magnificent book, distinguished archaeologist Barry Cunliffe reframes our entire conception of early European
history, from prehistory through the ancient world to the medieval Viking period. Cunliffe views Europe not in terms of
states and shifting political land boundaries but as a geographical niche particularly favored in facing many seas.
These seas, and Europe’s great transpeninsular rivers, ensured a rich diversity of natural resources while also
encouraging the dynamic interaction of peoples across networks of communication and exchange. The development of these
early Europeans is rooted in complex interplays, shifting balances, and geographic and demographic fluidity.

Drawing on archaeology, anthropology, and history, Cunliffe has produced an interdisciplinary tour de force. His is a
bold book of exceptional scholarship, erudite and engaging, and it heralds an entirely new understanding of Old Europe.