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The Art of Tinkering: Meet 150+ Makers Working at the Intersection of Art, Science & Technology

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"The book showcases 150+ makers working at the intersection of art, science and technology and captures
that infectious maker spirit I so deeply love. Inside you'll not only find profiles of important makers but also how you
can start tinkering around and explore making things from soft circuits, wire art, puppets, mark-making machines, fused
fashion and more.", Coquette

"If you know someone who loves making or Maker Faire or the Exploratorium or just the delightful little moments of
everyday life, make sure this book makes it into their hands. And don’t forget to top your gift with an LED and a 9v
battery, so that your happy recipient can tinker right away with the conductive ink on the cover.", Make Magazine

"What an incredible book! At every page, the "making" parts of my brain are activated and I'm compelled into the shop to
try versions of the suggested projects. I wish, WISH that this book existed when I was young. Hell, I wish I had it when
my kids were younger. A must-read for every maker!" -- Adam Savage, "Mythbusters"

"I absolutely fell in love with all the geniuses in the Tinkering Studio. I may contract some of the them to build me a
home inside the museum so I can I live there and learn forever!" -- Reggie Watts, comedian

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About the Author

As codirectors of the Tinkering Studio, Karen Wilkinson and Mike Petrich see their roles at the
Exploratorium as advocates for making as a way of knowing. They believe deeply in studio pedagogy and the ability that
we all have to think with our hands, and are curious about how people develop personal and unique understandings of the
world for themselves. As undergraduates, both attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where Mike studied
fine arts, filmmaking, and photography and Karen focused on environmental design.

Before coming to the Exploratorium, they pursued graduate studies in education and technology at Harvard and MIT.
Today, after more than twenty years working as a team to integrate science, art, and technology into curriculum for both
in-school and out-of-school learning environments, they foster and facilitate informal learning spaces for making and
tinkering, offering people a chance to connect to their own learning in a deeply personal way. They’ve worked with
audiences as diverse as museum visitors, primary school students, Tibetan monks, prison inmates, and graduate school
researchers, and are both happy to call the Tinkering Studio home, where they are able to work with a delightfully
quirky group of artists, educators, and innovators.

The Exploratorium—San Francisco’s renowned museum of science, art, and human perception—is dedicated to changing the
way the world learns. Within the Exploratorium, the Tinkering Studio is a workshop in which science and technology
become powerful tools for personal expression, and where visitors gather to participate in hands-on, mind-expanding
activities and demonstrations.

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