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Gamma CFSTB00 Sports Kids Training (Transition) Balls, Yellow/Orange, Quick Kids 60, 12-Pack

Product Description

50% SLOWER SPEED: Made with a low-compression core and lightweight outer layer, these tennis balls fly 50% slower than standard tennis balls, making it easier for beginners to practice rallies and experienced players to practice more advanced techniques.

TRAINING TENNIS BALLS: Designed for younger players learning the game, these beginner tennis balls are a great choice for use when instructing children or adult beginners on the fundamentals of tennis.

TWO-TONED SURFACE: Designed with a bright yellow and orange felt surface, these tennis balls offer added visibility and are easy to identify from standard tennis balls. They also help players practice hitting and returning topspin and slice shots.

MADE FOR 60' COURTS: Designed for players transitioning from 36' to 60' courts, the slower and lower bounce makes these practice tennis balls suitable for instruction for beginners or youth tournaments.

MEET USTA/ITF STAGE 2 SPECIFICATIONS: These low bounce tennis balls are rated as Stage 2 balls by the USTA/ITF for use in tournaments for youth 10 and under.

Imported from USA

Learn to Play like a Pro
The Gamma Sports Quick Kids 36 Tennis Balls are made for younger players and beginners transitioning from playing half
court tennis but still not ready for a full size court yet. These lightweight tennis balls are 50% slower than standard
tennis balls, making it easier for players to get in position and be ready to react to shots for more control and
accuracy. They're also a great tennis aid for more advanced players wanting to learn or practice skills on a smaller
court or against a backboard.

Designed for Ultimate Visibility
Designed for maximum visibility, these practice tennis balls feature a bright yellow and orange surface. This added
visibility makes it easy for players to see the ball clearly, increasing reaction time when returning a serve or shot.
As well, players can practice their drop shots and chops while being able to easily recognize the spin technique used by

Durable Construction
A great addition to any tennis camp, clinic, recreational tennis facility or Phys. Ed. class, these tennis balls are
made with an extra-durable felt, ensuring they will hold up to drills and rallies by players of all skill levels.

USTA/ITF Approved
These beginner tennis balls have been tested and approved by the USTA and ITF as stage 2 tennis balls for use in 10 and
Under tournament play. The low bounce and 50% slower speed makes them a great choice for games for young players to
improve skill levels and enjoyment of the sport.

Develop Your Game on Smaller Courts
These low bounce tennis balls are a great tennis teaching aid for young players learning the game as well as advanced
players wanting to improve their technique. Children who don't have the power yet for a full court can learn the
fundamentals and enjoy competitive play on 36 foot courts using these tennis balls. They are also great to practice
adding spin, slice and more accurate volleys to your game. Tennis instructors, parents and avid tennis players will all
find these balls useful for training and gameplay.