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Paq. Studio Ghibli Vol. 1


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Every one of Hayao Miyazaki’s films is a classic. Ranking them would be pointless, and grading them in any quantifiable
way would reveal little more than personal preference. But for those who may not be entirely familiar with Hayao
Miyazaki’s work, we present now an overview of each film and special feature, to give you a better sense of what is in
store for you in this mostly impeccable set.

Hayao Miyazaki's Films: 17 Great Studio Ghibli animated films, which includes:

* Laputa: Castle In The Sky
* Grave of the Fireflies
* Whisper of the Heart
* Princess Mononoke
* My Neighbors The Totoro
* Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind
* Kiki's Delivery Service
* Porreo Rosso
* Spirited Away
* The Cat Returns
* My Neighbors The Yamadas
* Howl's Moving Castle
* Tales from Earthsea
* Pom Poko
* Ponyo
* Arriety
* Poppy Hill
17 Movies for 1 great price!