• Read the care content label on the inside of your garment for specific instructions; use simple detergents with no additives.
  • For riders who put in a lot of saddle time, nothing beats our men's ELITE Gel Glove Updated this year with our 1:1 Gel padding arrangement.
  • The perfect balance of anatomic fit, performance engineered materials and the personal interface between athlete and gear.
  • A clothing system that works to help you maintain the perfect temperature for the weather conditions and activity range day in and day out.
  • Imported from USA.
ELITE Gel Glove For riders who put in a lot of saddle time, nothing beats our Men’s ELITE Gel Glove. With our 1:1 Gel padding arrangement, which is designed to work in harmony with the bony structure of your hand and relieve pressure on Median and Ulnar nerves for the ultimate in long distance comfort. Materials --------- * Back: 30% nylon 70% polyester * Palm: 60% nylon 40% polyurethane * Technology: Ice–fil At a Glance ----------- * Creates bridges over Ulnar and Median nerves for riding comfort * Fit minimizes palm bunching for grip comfort and handlebar feel * Synthetic leather is soft and durable * Anatomic palm patterning for optimal comfort * Easy–Off glove removal tab * Hook and loop closure * Soft, low–profile wiping surface on thumb