PS3 Bluetooth Headset


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  • High-Quality Mode Delivers Clear & Wide-Band Online Voice Chat
  • Dual-Microphone Design For Noise Cancellation
  • Pairs Automatically With Ps3 By Connecting Through Usb Cable
  • In-Game Indicators Displays Headset Connection Status, Battery Level, Etc.
  • High-Quality (HQ) mode delivers clear and wide-band online voice chat; supports "voice command" for select games
  • Dual-microphone design for high quality noise cancellation with supported games on the PS3 system
  • Pairs automatically with the PS3 system just by connecting them with a USB cable
  • Exclusive in-game indicator on the PS3 system displays connection status, battery charge level, speaker volume level
  • Included cradle allows headset to be used as a desktop microphone while charging
  • The Bluetooth Headset leverages advances in voice technology to bring next generation features to the PLAYSTATION 3
    system. It features High-Quality (HQ) mode which provides wide-band and dual microphone input to enable accurate speech
    recognition required to support “voice command” and “voice animation” features that will be offered in select games on
    the PS3 system. Easy pairing with the PS3 system, in-game Headset status indicator, included charging cradle and easily
    accessible microphone mute button make it user-friendly. Designed specifically to enhance the gameplay experience, this
    is a must have Headset for the intense multiplayer gaming only available on the Playstation Network.


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