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Product Description

Collect coins and power-ups through 96 levels from the SNES classic!

Play as Mario or Luigi.

Includes a built in battery save (three slots).

Use a link cable for up to four players (single and mulitcartrige support).

Imported from USA

Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 boasts all 96 levels from the original Super NES game, from cheery Yoshi's
Island through the sprawling Vanilla Dome to the grueling Star Road. While some levels emphasize pure action, others
require you to puzzle your way out of the mazes and illusions. If you find the hidden key in Star World, you'll gain
access to the extremely challenging Special World, which has its own hidden secrets.Mario and Luigi can jump up and down
pipes, climb vines, swim, and toss Koopa shells. Yoshi the dinosaur can spit eggs, munch, and climb with his
ever-helpful tongue. Cool touches include spinning platforms, forced-scrolling levels, and great attacks such as the
spin jump. Mario and Yoshi fly with the aid of a unique feather, shoot fireballs when equipped with a special flower,
and can even raise cute baby Yoshis. Each boss poses a unique challenge. Cross-eyed Lemmy Koopa likes to play
hide-and-seek in pipes, while Iggy Koopa prefers to battle on a giant Koopa shell floating on a lava lake.