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    "Kennedy's book on the tarnished and enigmatic Rose is
    exceptional. Like the best writing about sport--Liebling,
    Angell--it qualifies as stirring literature. I'd read Kennedy no
    matter what he writes about." --Richard Ford

    Pete Rose played baseball with a singular and headfirst abandon
    that endeared him to fans and peers, even as it riled others--a
    figure at once magnetic, beloved and polarizing. Rose has more
    base hits than anyone in history, yet he is not in the Hall of
    Fame. Twenty-five years ago he was banished from baseball for
    gambling, then ruled ineligible for Cooperstown; today, the
    question "Does Pete Rose belong in the Hall of Fame?" has evolved
    into perhaps the most provocative in sports, a layered, slippery
    and ever-relevant moral conundrum.

    How do we evaluate the Hit King now, at a time when steroid
    cheats appear on the Hall of Fame ballot even as Rose is denied?
    What do we make of this happily unrepentant gambler, this
    shameless but beguiling showman whose postbaseball journey has
    led him to a curious reality show and to the streets of
    Cooperstown to hawk his signature, his story, himself?

    Best-selling author Kostya Kennedy delivers an evocative answer
    in his fascinating re-examination of Pete Rose's life; from his
    cocky and charismatic early years through his storied playing
    career to his bitter war against baseball's hierarchy to the man
    we find today--still incorrigible, still adored by many. Where
    has his improbable saga landed him in the redefined, post-steroid
    world? Do we feel any differently about Pete Rose today? Should