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The Essential Wilderness Navigator: How to Find Your Way in the Great Outdoors, Second Edition

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The Essential Series--Your Trusted Guides

"Puts the world of wilderness navigation in the palm of your hand."--Adventure West

"Teaches the essential disciplines of compass and map-reading . . . but goes beyond the basics with useful, eye-opening
advice on how to read nature's highway signs--vegetation bands, wind-whipped ripples in sand or snow, and the positions
of the sun and stars."--Northeast Outdoors

If you're at all unsure of your backwoods direction-finding skills, The Essential Wilderness Navigator is the guide
you've been looking for. It teaches you how to observe--to see, smell, hear, and sense the details of the environment
around you. Then, to supplement your newly enhanced sense of direction, you'll learn to read maps, use a compass, and
find your location and route with reference to landmarks. This updated second edition also includes

* The basics of global positioning system (GPS) navigation and CD-ROM maps
* A full-color section on reading topographical maps
* Navigating in deserts, mountains, and snow
Whether you're planning an extended wilderness trek or a day hike on marked trails, here's how to stay found.

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About the Author

David Seidman has spent a good portion of his life finding his way around the world. He's crossed oceans, toured central
Asia and Mongolia without a map or the ability to speak the language, and found a Mayan ruin in Guatemala. He is the
author of The Essential Sea Kayaker and The Complete Sailor and is an editor at Boating magazine.

Paul Cleveland has worked as a wilderness ranger in New Mexico and designed and built trails in the Appalachians. He is
a frequent contributor to Backpacker and Climbing magazines and the Web pages. He guides whitewater rafting
trips and teaches CPR and first aid for the Red Cross and wilderness navigation for Outward Bound.

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