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Five Lesbian Brothers/ Four Plays

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The Five Lesbian Brothers are not only gaspingly hilarious and blithely subversive, they are fully capable of creating
characters named Dawn, Patty and Peaches. Their work travels from the Pygo Moon System to the elite Tilue-Pussenheimer
Academy to my favorite town in all world literature-Big Bone, Oregon. Reading The Brothers' plays is addictive, although
I am told that the group will come to your home and perform them. But be prepared: these women are sexy, silly and
homicidal, and they chug-a-lug SlimFast. You need them. -Paul RudnickThe first collection of plays by The Five Lesbian
Brothers includes:

Voyage to Lesbos "The action is in Lesbos, Illinois, and the occasion of Bonnie's wedding day, when five mysteriously
intertwined women ostensibly prepare for the golden event, while their every action works to sabotage it."-Lisa Kron

Brave Smiles...another lesbian tragedy "This play is a reflection of love. This one in particular manifests what we love
about being Brothers and what we love about being lesbians: the tragedy of it all which can be so bitingly and
relentlessly funny sometimes." -Maureen Angelos

The Secretaries "What happens when someone new comes into a tight group? This is how Patty Johnson was born. Susan
Curtis was born when Dominique was being interrogated in an improv exercise. Ashley Elizabeth Fratangello was an homage
to Elizabeth Ashley. We were obsessed with her SlimFast campaign at the time. Needless to say it permeates the script."
-Peg Healey

Brides of the Moon "We had all reached a point where we could forgive our mothers for their fucked-up lives and accept
them for themselves and for doing the best they could against insurmountable odds. We created a worldwide corporation to
represent those odds and a woman who had at one time been a promising astronaut, but because of her integrity had ruined
any chance she might have had to advance her career. The evil corporation has her "consciousness lowered" to get her out
of the way." -Babs Davy

The Five Lesbian Brothers are Maureen Angelos, Babs Davy, Dominique Dibbell, Peg Healey and Lisa Kron. They came
together as an acting company in 1989 after performing together in various other com