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Immercenary [3DO]

Product Description

Jack into this fast-paced, first-person combat arena and experience intense surges of aggression and paranoia.

Overcome the unique combat tactics of 17 different enemy types, including 11 digitized bosses.

Prepared yourself for the final deathmatch against Perfect 1 by rising through the ranks and increasing your DOA (Defense, Offnse, Agility).

14 power-ups help you survive this virtual Armageddon.

Conversation mode lets you talk to and learn from other characters.

Imported from USA

Welcome to Perfect. The ultimate virtual battlegrid. A Darwinian cyberstate where survival is a matter of real-world
life and death. You are teh Immercenary, a digital soldier of fortune blasted into the future to eliminate Perfect 1,
sinister SysOp of this digital deathworld.

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