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Electronics > Computers Features > Product: 251930

Product Description

Return to Neutral Technology - Board snaps back to a neutral position after activation

Centre point performance board design - Multi-button activation without lifting your foot

User adjustable tension boxes - Adjust the responsiveness and stiffness

Customized feel/performance - Soft, medium, and hard springs included

Imported from USA

Whether you are a hardcore, casual or even dabbling gamer, you know it's all about the weapons you bring to the battle.
In a revolutionary challenge to the monolithic Keyboard / Mouse paradigm of PC gaming, Stinkyboard stomps on the rules
and changes the channel. Breathing new life into any MMO, RTS or FPS player's game, Stinky brings more control, speed,
agility and "in-a-pinch" killer combo moves than you ever thought possible. And to think it was under our nose (and our
feet!) the whole time. Ready to stomp your opponents? It's time to step up your game.