1080° Avalanche

Product Description

This incredible 3D snowboarding game lets you become a snowboarder and tackle multiple game modes, for the fastest times and the biggest tricks

Use your boarder's skills to navigate surprise avalanches, rockslides and the dangers of varying weather conditions

Create your own impossible combos with the all-new trick system -- charge up jumps, grab huge air, and do psychotic trick chains

Exciting multiple game modes, like race, time attack, trick attack, contests, even a training mode with a half-pipe

See if you can become king of the mountain and pull of impressive stunts, without breaking your board, in 1080 - Avalanche

Imported from USA

It''s you against nature in an adrenaline-soaked race down a mountain gone mad! It''s wintertime again, and the snow''s
never looked this good! Ricky Winterborn and Akari Hayami have rounded up an all-new cast of characters to head back to
the slopes for some high-speed competition. Race through realistic natural environments complete with powder drifts, ice
patches and groomed hardpack...but don''t get comfortable. You''ll have to contend with massive avalanches, rockslides,
cave-ins, bridge collapses and environments teeming with wildlife and other skiers. Not only that, but you must master a
unique character balancing system and a catalogue of crazy tricks as you experience the speed rush of big mountain
racing. Your slalom skills had better be tuned, because you''ll be going head-to-head with CPU-controlled masters or up
to three human opponents. Get ready to rip!

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