Product: 254548

Gripmaster Pro Edition

Product Description

Uses spring-loaded piston technology to isolate each finger and focus specifically on the muscles and tendons of the hands and wrists. Assists with building hand, wrist, and forearm strength. Fits into pocket, allowing you to strengthen your fingers anywhere you go.

Used by athletes, weightlifters, rock climbers, coaches, therapists, and law enforcement professionals. X-Heavy offers a tension strength of 11 pounds per finger – for rock climbers, mixed martial arts, strength coaches, and professional athletes wanting to build high-level grasping power. Imported.

Imported from USA

Get a better grip. Building on the original Gripmaster, the Pro edition takes hand exercising up to the next level,
offering athletes, rock climbers, and weightlifters a solution for reaching peak performance. Focusing on the individual
aspects of the hand, fingers, and wrist, it gives you a pocket-sized approach for improving flexibility and strength and
lessening injuries. Unlike traditional V-grip methods, its spring-loaded pistons isolate each finger, thus reducing
strain, imbalance, and forearm exertion.